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Corporate social media campaigns are becoming more popular each day. Many are turning to one of the biggest social networks known during their campaign. Twitter can be used to briefly inform those that are unaware about a topic, along with having a team with experience that can bring about an audience willing to listen. All of these listed help to contribute to successful social media campaigns.

Twitter is a website that only allows for 140 characters to be used at one time, which makes it harder for campaigning on such a social network. Utilizing such a site to campaign should provide a brief description of the campaign, along with a link that will give further details about the campaign. This way, those that are interested can grasp more information about the subject at hand and can then make the decision of whether to participate and contribute to the campaign or not.

The corporation aiming to have a successful social media campaign should make sure that the Public Relations team has experience. Not only should those involved know how to work the social networking site, but also know how to go about researching the topic at hand. Research plays an important role in getting the objectives and goals achieved. In order to have better feedback and results for the social media campaign, the Public Relations consultant must explore all aspects of the topic. For example, during Barack Obama’s second run for the presidential election, his team found a way to make additional money for his campaign. Obama’s team came up with a cleaver way to have fun with Biden’s response towards Obama signing Obamacare. Some saw this as a statement that should not have been heard on the microphone. However, Obama’s campaign team found a way to make light of the situation.   

The far most important goal that should be reached is being aware of those that the campaign will be aimed towards. This could possibly fall under the category of having an experienced Public Relations team that knows what it is that should be done to carry out the task successfully. However corporations should acknowledge the fact that not everyone who is interested in the campaign has a Twitter. The Kony 2012 campaign that hoped to put an end to Joseph Kony’s tactics gained popularity by getting well known celebrities to retweet the link to the story on their Twitter pages. Rihanna was one of the many who participated. The goal of this movement was to gain as many supporters as possible and educate those that listened through a YouTube video. Numerous supporters were gained through getting a variety and vast amount of celebrities to retweet the link.  

If a corporate Twitter campaign were to go wrong, a plan (and possible backup plan) should be established beforehand. One way would be to make light of the situation, while learning from the mistakes that were made. The next campaign, if there is such, should focus on having a better Public Relations consultant, along with individuals that are willing to help get the message out there.      


Knight Capital Group Inc. experienced a crisis on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 that cost the organization $440 million, leading to a collapse in its stock. The morning of, the organization sold all of its stocks due to a computer glitch, costing them $10 million a minute. Still to this day, Knight Capital Group is trying to recover from such an impacted lost.

W.T. Coombs’ Reputation Repair Strategy that was acted out during this crisis was an excuse. More specifically, this crisis revolves around the accidental portion of an excuse. From the organization’s press release given on October 17, 2012, it has a lack of control over the glitch that lead to the crisis. According to this Knight Capital Group press release, not once did Tom Joyce, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Knight Capital Group, apologize for the computer glitch. The organization acknowledged that the event occurred, but has chosen to focus more so on the recovery process to better itself stating that “the recovery to date speaks to the strength of [the organization’s] offering, the dedication of Knight’s client teams, and deep client relationships”. According to Bloomberg, a site that provides the latest in market news, Joyce says that the organization has to work with its clients to ensure that they are getting exactly what it is that they want out of Knight Capital. He says that other “strategic alternatives” are currently being explored.

CEO Tom Joyce could have done a better job at choosing a Reputation Repair Strategy that his organization could better benefit from. Although he included the publics on the numerical statistics of his organization as a result of the computer glitch crisis, focusing on just the recovery does not make those that have invested money in the organization certain that it will not happen ever again. This could also leave some hesitation to those who have inquired about investing money in Knight Capital Group. He should have discussed in the press release what precautions for future incidents have been taken which would show some sincerity. Such large organizations could never just brush off such a huge event. The publics wants to know possibly what caused the crisis to occur and how it is being (or has been) resolved. A better choice of strategy would have been an apology in which Tom would take responsibility for the crisis, ask for forgiveness, then proceed with the precautions that would prevent the crisis from reoccurring, followed by finally talk about the recovery process.

Progressing Gone Wrong

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One of the latest issues with Progressive Casualty Insurance Company involving Kaitlynn Fisher is indeed tragic. The organization went about the situation in such a way that seemed to be highly disapproved of, but then the way that it responded to those concerned only seemed to make matters worse.

Progressive’s Main Message

Progressive should in fact address the tragedy that happened to the Fisher family; however it should be more sympathetic than it has been thus far. I believe that by being such a popular and well-known business, the organization should provide answers to the publics which have contributed significantly to its success. The insurance company should address those who are insured by Progressive as well as other audiences. The organization’s priority should be to give those that pay it all information that they want to know. Other audiences (like the general audiences) are included because this would include possible future individuals who will have this business as their insurance company as well as the concerned.

Addressing the Publics

A professional and concerned insurance company would take initiative and see that all publics receive messages in as many ways as possible, rather that be on Progressive’s website, Twitter, or even a televised press conference. Both the website and press conference would be much more formal than tweeting from Twitter due to the fact that an older audience and those who are possibly much more concerned about the Kaitlynn Fisher situation deserve to be addressed with such professionalism. Twitter is generally a site used by the younger generation and all information can’t be provided in 140 characters. The younger generation more than likely does not care much about the facts, but are more concerned with how Progressive would fix the situation.

The Message’s Delivery

Neither marketing nor advertising could solve this problem better than public relations because this issue is bigger than an identified sponsor trying to persuade the audiences (like that of advertising, which they profit from) or the transferring and exchanging of products (which would be considered marketing). Organizations often forget about the PR point of ideas, but in instances similar to this, PR seems to be the more approachable perspective. These representatives would be able to connect with the emotional being of this tragedy and can relate that to society. Both the marketers and advertisers would be more concerned with benefitting, which should not be the main concern by communicating to the publics.

Bringing about Justice

How is it that issues much smaller than this make the headlines and will not get resolved unless handled in court, but yet such a tragedy has occurred, been handled in court with an outcome being slowly swept under the rug? Progressive Insurance Company definitely owes answers to those questioning, and Kaitlynn Fisher deserves justice.

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